About our Mission

Exquisite Song combines a live video hangout platform with karaoke to create an environment where people can collaborate to create their own version of a favorite popular song. Music can lift your mood up! Laughter and silliness are important! We can still be together with our feelings even when we are apart. At Exquisite Song, we offer this through music, and the opportunity to make music together, no matter what skill level.

The Exquisite Song platform is designed for people who love to sing along with popular songs, and who enjoy participating in and performing live karaoke amongst both friends and strangers! Exquisite Song is for people who want to join a music-appreciating community.

Exquisite Song is inspired by the collaborative art activity “Exquisite Corpse,” which was originally based on a parlor game. Due to the current self-isolation required during the COVID-19 pandemic, one's own isolation can be akin to sitting in a parlor! Exquisite Song gives users the opportunity to make a song together with others despite this physical distance — all while getting the chance to see more about how songs are broken into pieces. We hope that this inspires more of our users to try out building their own original songs!

Here is a link to our original project proposal.